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Media Coverage of Music Production Specialist A.J. Throwback 


"Meet A.J. Throwback" | CanvasRebel Magazine | Stories & Insights (12/26/2022)


"Featured Music: The Love Theory (feat. KimA Michelle) By A.J. Throwback" | Written by AllUnsignedFM | AllUnsignedFM (04/17/2022)

"The Late Bloomer with A.J. Throwback" | Written by Marty McFly | Rap Olympus Media (04/13/2022)

A.J. Throwback - The Lincoln & Lincoln Job Fair (Cover Art).jpg

DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH: A.J. Throwback – “The Lincoln & Lincoln Job Fair” | Written by Rick Reijnders | Fresh: Hip-Hop & R&B (01/16/2022)

Apex Radio Show Hosted by Indigo on WINDCRadio | Special Guests: A.J. Throwback & Ramsey Brown (02/05/2021)


"Media Talk With A.J Throwback" |Sports, Biz & Music The Podcast (Hosted by Dj Anonymous) [12/21/2018]


A Seat @ the Table Podcast Hosted by The Wong Host | Dinner Special 3: "The Three Wise People" | Featuring Gary Gunew of Kosmic Koolers & A.J. Throwback (10/29/2017)

RAW DC 022020-07357_edited.jpg

The Golden Gates Gathering Hosted by Anaymous Touch | Special Guest: A.J. Throwback (09/10/2022)

"The Late Bloomer | A day in the life of an independent artist" | Marchello Bradley - What's Up With You? (04/16/2022)


A.J. THROWBACK X GLADIATOR “LONER’S REMORSE” (SINGLE) | Written by MJ Savino | Boom Bap Nation (03/11/2022)

“与 AJ Throwback 的对话”
航行巴尔的摩杂志,  “隐藏的宝石:本地企业和创意”系列 (12/28/2021)


Power in One Clothing Presents Afro Cool 10 | Music Conducted by Ryan Lucas | Featuring A.J. Throwback  (07/02/2020)

“AJ Throwback 揭开音乐行业的面纱”
那是一个插头 (第 24 集,2018 年 10 月 16 日)


A Seat @ the Table Podcast Hosted by The Wong Host | Season 1, Episode 8: "Intellectual Mindz" | Featuring A.J. Throwback (10/15/2017)

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